Presentations from the Oct 1st Nuclear Waste Forum

Here are the presentations from Tuesday night’s community forum on Entergy’s nuclear waste storage project. If you missed this one, stay tuned for additional forums being planned in the near future. 

Get the Facts on High-Level Atomic Waste Storage Casks!

Recently came across this Fact Sheet from NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service) about Dry Casks. Very interesting read. Most of it is directly applicable to the dry cask storage project planned for Pilgrim. It outlines some of the history behind why casks were developed, what the concerns are, problems with the permitting process,  etc. It’s from 2004 (before Yucca Mountain was cancelled) but still relevant.

Business Petition – Downloadable Version

Here is a downloadable version of the petition: Business Petition (PDF)

Feel free to download and print out copies of the petition – ask local businesses in Plymouth to sign-on if they support safer dry cask storage of spent nuclear waste (and protecting the financial well-being of the town and local businesses). Please mail completed petitions to:

Concerned Neighbors of Pilgrim
c/o CCBW
58C Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

List of “Events” at Pilgrim

Compiled by Dave Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists – A 36-page printout of events that have occurred at Pilgrim, spanning from 1965 to May 2013.* Pilgrim Events (PDF)

*Important Note: This report contains information about events that happened – not events that did not happen. In other words, just because an event is NOT listed in this report does not mean it did not happen. It might be that the ongoing research effort that yielded this report has not yet recorded the event.