Top Five PNPS Issues Report to the Board of Selectmen, Town of Plymouth

Top Five PNPS Issues Report to BOS – Final Report – 4-6-15

The Town of Plymouth Nuclear Matters Committee (NMC) drafted this document for the Board of Selectmen to highlight what they felt to be the top 5 issues related to Pilgrim. There were differing views among the NMC committee members about the information included in this document.

As always, CNP is in favor of expedited transfer of spent fuel to dry cask storage — and that this be done in the safest way possible, with consideration to rising sea level and the negative effects of potential flooding and a marine environment on the integrity of dry casks (i.e. stress corrosion cracking with radioactive release).

There will be a presentation on this report during Tuesday, May 19th’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting, at 9 pm, in the Mayflower Room at the Plymouth Town Hall.