We are neighbors of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to ensure that its dry cask nuclear waste storage facility is built and operated to the best possible standards.

holteccask1 holteccask2

These are Holtec dry casks, the type that Entergy plans to use at Pilgrim. Current plans call for about 40 of these, and up to 65 more would be needed for all of Pilgrim’s nuclear waste.


Photo by Paul Rifkin

In early 2013, Entergy began construction of a $140 million concrete pad and dry cask long-term storage unit for its spent nuclear fuel. Because the Town of Plymouth did not require a special zoning permit, the massive project—that will result in the indefinite storage of nuclear waste within a few hundred feet of the shoreline—has received little public scrutiny and no risk evaluation for adverse, and potentially catastrophic effects. The “indefinite period” outlined in the NRC regulations exceeds three hundred years.

Source: Cape Cod Bay Watch